Month: December 2016


Winter Time

This week, IT’S VACATION! My in-laws are still in town so we have a lot of fun getting to see Santa and my wife and I go on a date for our anniversary.


6 Ways To Have Crystal Clear Dialogue

How many times have you heard the phrase or some rendition of “communication is key.” Some examples include talking about marriage counseling, parenting tips, a productive work environment, working with human resources, progress in school, or any other place where you need to have clear dialogue.

Road signs have to be crystal clear on what you as the drive need to be doing. Because of the speeds we drive, the Department of Transportation has just seconds to express to the driver what needs to happen, otherwise you could end up going the wrong direction, or even worse, someone could die.

How much more important is this for the Church. Are we as pastors and Christians clear in the message we have to share?

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Christmas Joy and Changes

This week we prep for Christmas which means Christmas parties and putting up the tree, we get an update on my wife’s pregnancy, and I talk about some amazing new stuff in my life!