Month: February 2017


Chick-fil-a Table Talk Game

Weird, Ashley is still pregnant in this video. We have some fun with a recent toy our son received at Chick-fil-a and explore some interesting and fun topics.


Is There Such A Thing As Christian, Family-Friendly Gaming?

Since I was a young lad, I have played video games that varied from cartridges, Gameboys, XBox, and PC gaming. From pong with my cousins on Atari, to stealing my brother’s turn with Super Mario, to learning healthy boundaries in college with World of Warcraft, it’s been a part of my life. But much of the time, I have been met with some kind of opposition that it’s not very Christian to play video games. Further, being a father of boys, finding family-friendly content that I feel comfortable watching or playing with my 4 year old is not easy. So, is there such a thing as Christian, family-friendly gaming?

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