Month: March 2017


The Best Way To Make Meals, With Dream Dinners

As a resident Millennial that enjoys what the Internet brings to the world, one of the big new crazes is the food subscription plans where you tell a company what kinds of foods you want, they give you the ingredients in already measured pouches so that you can quickly and easily create your next dinner.

The intrigue of it? You get hassle free meals where you do not have to go buy a ten ounce of sesame oil when you only need one ounce of it. It’s a waste of money, products, and space in your fridge.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post, we get nothing out of sharing this article. But if you are interested in trying this service out in the Springs, we can do a Bring A Friend session that gets you an exclusive Dream Taste session. Let us know in the comments or online and we’ll hook you up. (Transparency: We also get something out of it too if we bring a friend.)

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