I am a huge fan of dreaming of, creating, and working towards goals for one’s self. So New Years is an extra little special time for me because many different people are wanting to create goals for themselves and I feel extra festive. Last year, I had the goal of being able to work towards running a marathon which ultimately did not work out because of a medical condition. But just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean I need to stop, in fact, this seems to strengthen my resolve. So I have come up with a couple of new goals for myself for 2018.

Say No More – Bob Goff Style

Bob Goff is a pretty big Christian presence in America right now. One of his most renown ideas is his consistent idea of quitting. Every Thursday, he quits doing something, big or small, a little, daily habit or some monumental and life changing part of his life, does not matter. But he quits to make room in his life for more.

“We can’t change much if we don’t quit much.” –Bob Goff

Now for me, I’m an ideas guy. Give me a direction and goal and I will come up with ten ideas for you, your organization, or your life to enact immediately within the time of five minutes. I shoot down at least one million dollar idea in my head because I just don’t have the time, energy, resources, or capacity to do these things. While I may be inflating my thought-process a little, I’m not way off.

My brain loves to create, construct a plan, and maximize efficiency. The process gives me a little boost of energy. But there is a whole lot of saying yes and very little quitting or saying no. It’s actually painful for me to do so, but doing so could actually help me become healthier and better. I need to do this.

Now, I’m no Bob Goff, so I’m going to go a little easier on myself my first go around. I wavered between doing this once a month or once every two weeks. I’m going to shoot for the harder one, but may have to back track if it becomes too hard. So goal #1: Quit something every other week for the entire year and have an intentional reason why.

Walk More

Since I won’t be running a marathon any time soon, I need to rework this goal from 2017. I’ve heard a couple of people taking exercising more towards a number of miles, which I’m willing to give a shot. Since I’ve already wanted to walk at least 30 minutes a day, per expectations of my doctor, I’m going to shoot for the goal #2 of walking at least two straight miles every day of purely working out.

That means the chasing around kids does not count. The climbing our stairs every day does not count. Getting clients and bringing them back to my office doesn’t count. I have to have 2 straight miles of walking a day that raises my heart rate for the sole purpose of being healthy. This could include activities such as mowing or snow blowing, as that accomplishes my goal, but it has to meet that one criteria.

So, I’d love to hear what your goals are, what do you hope to accomplish in 2018?

Posted by Jeremy Smith

I am a blogger, clinical counselor, gamer, and someone who loves to pushback so you can create the very best thing possible. I blog exclusively about church technology as a senior staff writer at ChurchMag as well as about life in general on my personal site JeremyGrantSmith.com. You can also find my eBooks on ChurchMag Press.


  1. I love the goals. Keep it simple and work your way towards it. I never heard about the quitting something every week or every other week. Something to think more about.


    1. Definitely harder than it seems.


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