Month: May 2018


Improving Our Marriage (And Yours!)

This upcoming anniversary will be my wife and mine’s tenth wedding anniversary. In that time, who we were separately and as a couple together in a relationship is completely different than what it is now. We have grown individually, we have grown together, and we have also hit barriers in marriage and as parents. But I would not want to do this thing called life with anyone else other than her.

As a counselor, I’m always looking at techniques and tools to help people grow closer together. One of the forefront techniques out there comes from the Gottman Institute, who look at how to make relationships stronger. They are not Christian based, but the assessments (linked here) are so powerful, it would be a disservice not to use them. I’d like to encourage you guys to use these tools for your marriage. The brief description tells you about the tool and almost always you are filling them out separately, to then come back together to have a conversation.

My wife and I will be doing them as well and I’d love to hear if this might help your marriage.

I’d encourage if you and your loved one are having significant problems, to go seek counseling first, as I share these tools specifically for enriching what is already on a positive foothold. And if you have any questions about what you got, I’d be happy to chat, as a friend not as your counselor. 😉