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I am a blogger, clinical counselor, gamer, and someone who loves to pushback so you can create the very best thing possible. I blog exclusively about church technology as a senior staff writer at ChurchMag as well as about life in general on my personal site You can also find my eBooks on ChurchMag Press.


Find Your Niche And Create Great Content

Creating content is not easy, so when people begin to exploit news, add a “Christian-ese” to it, or simply repost what others have already reported, you begin to take the easy way but water down your platform. Instead, in this episode, I encourage you to take the path less traveled and do great writing that is within a niche, creative, and long-term more fulfilling and rewarding for you and your audience.


Finding the Beauty in Moments Today

Life seems to take forever to plan and when it culminates into that one event, it seems to whiz by. For the planner, we need to live in the moments. For the spur-of-the-moment people, continue to be intention for today and tomorrow. This has perfect implications for ministry including church technology.

How can you be more intention but in the here and now?