As a resident Millennial that enjoys what the Internet brings to the world, one of the big new crazes is the food subscription plans where you tell a company what kinds of foods you want, they give you the ingredients in already measured pouches so that you can quickly and easily create your next dinner.

The intrigue of it? You get hassle free meals where you do not have to go buy a ten ounce of sesame oil when you only need one ounce of it. It’s a waste of money, products, and space in your fridge.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post, we get nothing out of sharing this article. But if you are interested in trying this service out in the Springs, we can do a Bring A Friend session that gets you an exclusive Dream Taste session. Let us know in the comments or online and we’ll hook you up. (Transparency: We also get something out of it too if we bring a friend.)

There are some national programs out there like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, we regularly use Dream Dinners which is a local company that we actually go pick up the food and many times, my wife goes into the building and puts the meals together herself.

It should be noted this is not a comparison of the programs. We have not used Blue Apron and the three meal freebie we got from HelloFresh came broken up due to the delivery and so pork juice was spilled everywhere. It wouldn’t be fair.

Why We Love Dream Dinners

If you are one of those people that needs sold on something like this because you are stuck in your ways and don’t want to try new things, here are a couple of reasons you should consider trying it out.

This is the Thai Seafood Soup meal, my favorite of all the meals we have had. We’ve ordered it at least four times.

It’s Cheap (And Not In Quality)
It should be started off by saying that dream dinners is cost-effective, like super cost-effective. It’s cheaper to go with BlueApron or HelloFresh when you buy new ingredients because of that extra items you have to buy to make a meal that you are only using an ounce but paying for the whole ten ounces. Makes sense.

But as you compare both BlueApron and HelloFresh with Dream Dinners, Dream Dinners is actually half the cost. In other words, it is financially irresponsible to not use Dream Dinners.

Life Is Easier Because Of It
My wife’s specific response to wanting to do dream dinners? “It makes my life a lot easier.” With already measured meals ready to be cooked, it only takes 30 minutes to make with only the preparation of dethawing it that day. We love to cook, but most days it’s a battle to get dinner on the table with coming home from work and managing three children. This makes it very doable.

This is called Chicken Soft tacos with Key Lime Corn. Gave it five stars, need to order it again!

Great Variety
If I had it my lazy way, we would have three meals, over and over, that can take us exactly ten minutes. The food is definitely not healthy, probably bland, and absolutely boring. Dream Dinners is not that. Every meal we have had to this point has been something we have never cooked before and I love trying new things out. 99% of the time my rating system has been I either love the food and we need to order it again, or it was good but we definitely need to see what other adventure is available. I have not yet had anything bad from there.

We Love The Millennial Hands-ON Approach
While you can select the Made For You option where you simply go pick up the meals if you need to (something we have done the last two months because of our daughter being born), Ashley loves to go into the store and actually assemble the meals herself. “I like to be involved in the process. It’s not just something they did for me, I made it myself. Plus I can tailor it so if you [Jeremy] don’t like green onions, we don’t have to have them.” Also, it’s great time to herself.

How It Works

I could try to explain it to you, but this video by the company does it perfectly. After watching the video, let us know if you want to be part of the Bring a Friend here in the Springs to get a special Dream Taste session with three meals.

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