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Ashland County Fair

We had a blast at the Ashland county Fair this weekend with my parents. We get some animals, ate some fair food, and my oldest got to see the demolition derby for the first time. Enjoy!

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College Football Is Back

I’ll be honest guys, except for the Urban Meyer legal stuff, until 8am today when I saw my niece was wearing Ohio State attire, I hadn’t even thought about college football. Normally I’m pumping myself up for the season, doing a very amateur bit of research on the schedule and roster, and planning my weekends accordingly.

I was caught off guard, honestly, without much I was unengaged. The off-the-field drama is a deterrent for me. It’s why I do not watch professional football anymore. It’s a great game to watch, but the news seems to be half about what is not happening on the field.

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Why Quit Gaming For A Day?

What do you let get in the way of your life-giving gaming?

There are only a few things I don’t let get in the way of being livestreaming. It’s therapeutic for me. I don’t game for you. It’s time to relax, it’s content I want to make for my kids to watch. So I covet that time.

But there are a couple of things I’ll break and not play. My health and needing sleep. My wife and kids if I need more time with them. (though my wife is amazing because she’s not a gamer and respects that time for me to go play) And now I’m going to add serving at our church as I started doing tech production Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

Do you have something other than these that you will cancel planned gaming? Something big or important enough that you may skip self-care once?

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