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My Son’s First Homework Assignment


I get to be a proud dad right now because my son did his first homework assignment last night. In true spirit that I held for most of my academic career, he waited until right before bed to complete it, but is not a wiz at writing the letter ‘L’ upper and lower case.

The boy loves to learn and so when my wife (who is a teacher and had pure joy through the whole process) helped him learn how to hold a pencil and draw, he was giggling the whole time. It’s going to be a blast to see how he takes on school and really thrive with his learning. We have one smart boy on our hands.


Find Your Niche And Create Great Content

Creating content is not easy, so when people begin to exploit news, add a “Christian-ese” to it, or simply repost what others have already reported, you begin to take the easy way but water down your platform. Instead, in this episode, I encourage you to take the path less traveled and do great writing that is within a niche, creative, and long-term more fulfilling and rewarding for you and your audience.