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Vacation and Side Hustle

I’m currently on vacation, enjoying some much needed time off to be with family. But with any side hustle, I’m still putting in a little time for my website updates and maybe even a little research time.

Also, expect a few more frequent posts with this channel for vlogs as well as some new content including unedited Minecraft episodes with building and exploring or mining.

Leave me some suggestions if you have them.


A Legacy In Church Tech

More than ten years ago, I found myself in a position to use my talents and gifts in technology to help a lot of my local churches and ministries. The first was with a parachurch ministry at the age of 16 to not only dream up what we could do to serve teenagers but also had a healthy budget to hardwire and install the whole building. My second opportunity was in my then home Mennonite church. At that time, I was running sound, projector, slides, and recordings all by myself before I had ever graduated high school.

Today, we are back here to see family in the area and I can see my legacy live on. The volunteers running the system don’t know me or what I had done to lead to these positions, but they are serving well. It’s amazing to see the legacy given and the fruit that can come from it and encouraging to continue going forward and serving well.

I encourage you all, if you are serving in your church, do so with the intent of the ministry being there 10 years later even if yoy aren’t. And pray for the future leaders that will serve in your ministry, even if you never meet them.


Good Social Media Is Just Good Communication

I find so many people wanting to trick and hack their way to good social media but never have a strategy in place. For me, the foundation of a good social media communication is just good communication in general. Communicating is not just a debate or using a bullhorn but dialoguing with others too. What makes for a great social media communication strategy for your church or ministry?


Communicating Your Story Well Week-to-Week

We have to share so many events, signups, and stories every week that it is a lot to cram in. Further, the dialogue doesn’t go one week at a time but a whole story your church is telling for years. How do you communicate that well?