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You May Get Sneak Peeks Of My Projects Here

I plan to just use this vlog and website for what I am experiencing right now, whether blogging and writing, researching, life, counseling, or my faith. That means you’ll get sneak peeks into my projects and overall me working through different ideas I am processing.


Do You Value Your Ministry?

I think I hit a cord with a recent #youthmin tweet. But if we are honest, we financially short change many other parts of ministry. So the question is, which do we value more: our lights or our youth ministry, our newly paved parking lot or the social media ministry, our selfish donut ministry or the selfless compassion ministries?


Follow God’s Calling

I love what I am doing with my career but my job as a counselor is not something I could have predicted. It is something that God called me towards and I listened. Are you listening for God’s calling for your life?