I’ll be honest guys, except for the Urban Meyer legal stuff, until 8am today when I saw my niece was wearing Ohio State attire, I hadn’t even thought about college football. Normally I’m pumping myself up for the season, doing a very amateur bit of research on the schedule and roster, and planning my weekends accordingly.

I was caught off guard, honestly, without much I was unengaged. The off-the-field drama is a deterrent for me. It’s why I do not watch professional football anymore. It’s a great game to watch, but the news seems to be half about what is not happening on the field.

Me not diving in deep before the season also means I did not get tickets for a game this year. I would have loved to go, but my wife made an interesting note of not super interested in going. Her comment? “I hate how badly we treat the opposing team.” They are college kids and we spit and spew venomous words to them. She is so right. Even the fun rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is unhealthy. It’s a game guys. Sportsmanship should be something every team desire.

So, I’ll be watching. I’ll be screaming when we fumble a game losing ball. I’ll be cheering every touchdown we make. But am interested if the pre-season drama will limit my overall consumption. Any other football lovers disappointed in the direction of collegiate sports or professional sports?

Posted by Jeremy Smith

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