My job as a counselor is literally to diagnose people so I can treat them. It’s unavoidable to not diagnose because insurance will not pay for it otherwise. But I’m not a fan of labels unless they are constructive.

Now I’m now on the receiving end of several medical diagnoses.

I talked last year on my vlog about going to the emergency room. After several tests and seeing a neurologist, several long months of not knowing, I was finally given the diagnosis of Physical Exersion Headache, a prescription, and a request to start very low impact exercising.

In that period of time, my primary doctor also asked me to see a sleep specialist as I was lethargic after a full night’s sleep, higher blood pressure than I should have, and snoring. I did the take home sleep test (I wont embarrass myself with a photo), and yesterday the doctor gave me my second diagnosis of Hypo Sleep Apnea.

Another diagnosis.

On one hand, it’s annoying having two diagnoses given to me. It’s also a bit of a challenge to improve myself and do more.

On the other hand, if they are right about the sleep apnea (I’m a skeptic until I see results from the treatment options), it will take me back to “normal.” The results from the neurologist certainly worked and I’m thriving again.

I ask for your prayers for my family as this has not just affected me, for the doctors with their wisdom and guidance, and that I can make a full recovery.

Posted by Jeremy Smith

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