At my company’s counseling center, I am part of an initiative to help improve corporate wellness. In doing some research for this, I found a lot of companies and big business to make money off of keeping your employees healthy. Because we are just starting things out, I need to do some research on how to make any change before we even consider something more formal.

With the holidays coming up, our first initiative is to challenge people to not gain more than 1 pound in the next six weeks. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it’s actually a bit of a challenge.

Here’s an email I sent out of how our staff can do more even stuck in the office.

Sitting in the office for 6-10 hours a day is not healthy. Even if you get up to go get a client every hour, we are sedimentary for way too long. It is proven that this will increase blood pressure, decrease metabolism, and directly affect our own personal mental health as well as work performance.

So how do we directly combat that while in our own offices? I’ve found a couple of ways. My first challenge is to incorporate some office stretches for you guys in the next week. Simply and easy. Do one or two of these between clients to increase blood flow, get rid of brain fog, and hopefully improve your mood.

Here is a great video on seven stretches you can do in your office.

For those that are more adventures, more up for the challenge, or have a lot of no call/no shows because of the holiday weather, you can certainly get some good steps in by walking around the office. If you really want to push for more wellness, here are a couple of office exercises you could also do.

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