I’ve been sitting on this post for nearly three weeks now. You might think to yourself, Jeremy, you are not known to hold back, what’s going on? I know that writing on the political issues in America right now is going to invite trouble. That being said, there is an air of politics to this article but the focus of this text is actually on ignorance and compassion. Truthfully, I identify the core idea of this article here to prove that people like to read headlines, maybe the first sentence of an article, and then make a comment on it. It will happen, just you wait. Finally, I have an agenda of sharing we much be a Christian first, political second.

Be forewarned, your feelings will get hurt if you keep reading. I’m not holding back anymore.

I would love to make a rule that if you have not fully read through the Executive Order, you should not be allowed to comment on it. Same for Christians, if you have not served the poor, widowed, or refugees in the last year, you also do not get to speak on this immigration policy. You are ignorant, there is little understanding of the whole scope of this process on both political sides, and and Christians are showing they are more dedicated to their political party than their faith.

I would love to make a rule that if you have not fully read through the Executive Order, you should not be allowed to comment on it.

Sadly, this is true of Scripture too. How many people are using the Bible to justify their political alignment? It screams to me first that you haven’t read the Bible in its entirety and secondly that you are more a Republican or Democrat than you are a Christian. If you wholesale believe in Trump or Hillary, I seriously question your faith. If that sentence made you angry, I question if you are making your faith the highest priority.

But I’m getting off topic. In fact, the words of Sufjan Stevens on faith and nationalism sum up the nationalism and faith epidemic happening right now for me.


Coming back to the issue of ignorance, look at how the political parties responded to the Executive Order and in turn how people respond to these criticisms. We have Republicans saying this is no different than what Obama did. Democrats have a gut reaction, saying this is Trump trying to make America a segregated nation. Both statements are wrong, just read the Executive Order as well as the details of what has happened in our nation’s history. Don’t rely on third party friends or news organizations to accurately communicate all of the details to you.

Basically, stop being ignorant.

That’s why I crafted the title and featured image like I did. There will be people that comment on social media for this blog’s comments who want to just react and spew venomous thoughts. I feel I’ve been pretty fair in staying apolitical so far, but people will tell me I’m wrong.

What’s The Solution?

But if I leave the conversation at what is wrong with how people stay ignorant without offering a solution, I do not further the conversation.

There are two responses here: educate yourself with what is actually being done (as I shared above) and when you realize you are ignorant about something, be compassionate.

Unfortunately We Are All Woefully Ignorant At Times

I say stop being ignorant, but if we take the time to read every bill being passed in Congress, ever retort a political candidate has, and every local issue you could be active with, you will probably be fired from your job or win worst parent of the year. It’s simply impossible. So the second response has to be how to react with ignorance: with compassion.

My first response to Trump signing the Executive Order was not “you racist.” First, it’s ignorant. Secondly, it does not uphold the values of my faith. When I saw that Democrats were petitioning cabinet members for Trump and he states it is the worst this has ever dragged out, I didn’t immediately write to Facebook.

This fear that leads to these rash decisions, as Sufjan puts it in his letter, “you must eradicate all of the corrupt theological fear-mongering” and replace it with the wisdom, love, and reliance on God’s Word and dominion of this world and the next. Call out sin when you see it, but make sure you are not blinded by the log in our own eye first.


This does not mean be passive. If you think I support Trump’s sexist comments and alleged sexual assaults, you are tradgecally wrong. If you think I will stand by as Democrats continue to make it about Women’s rights and not the murder of children in the womb, you misread me. But my first-hand reaction will not be hatred, mocking, and things of Satan. It will be of compassion. And to those that call themselves Christian but demonstrate these actions, I will be calling you out. You will not defame the name of my God and the God of my family.

Not if, but when, the President does something you don’t agree with, find compassion. If you don’t like what you hear about what the news reports, research it before commenting. And if you see a Christian being ignorant and lacking compassion, don’t be passive, respond. Because God sees their hateful words they post but also your lack of response that echos the fears Peter had before the rooster crowed. Both are sins.

The Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1 NIV

Posted by Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is owner of ChurchAndMentalHealth.com and the Co-Occurring Program Coordinator and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor at a community mental health center. Jeremy has a history of working as a ministry director for Youth for Christ for 8 years and then working as a mental health and substance use adult counselor in Colorado and Ohio, specifically running an Opioid Residential Treatment Center.


  1. I’ll admit…your click bait headline drew me in! Are you sure you aren’t working for all the Facebook click baiters? 🙂

    Two things that alarm me in our current cultural mindset:
    1. We’ve lost the ability to hold civil discussions on topics that we disagree about. To separate the person from the issue.
    2. We’ve lost the concept of Grace. We refuse to grant any grace to anyone we disagree with yet expect it to be served in large quantities to us or those with whom we identify. That’s not how grace works.

    Thanks for the post.


    1. I completely agree with your two points and will add that we justify our actions too. It’s a shame.


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